Boone County Child Support Justice in Kentucky

As a single parent caring for a child or children can be challenging It can also be expensive, if you are not receiving the child support you need, working with an attorney who knows Boone County and Kenton County child support laws could help you collect the money you and your child need to make ends meet.

How the Commonwealth of Kentucky Determines Child Support

The amount of child support you receive is determined by several factors, including the non-custodial parent’s income. If the non-custodial parent is underemployed or unemployed that may affect the court’s decision on the amount of child support you can receive. To verify income parents must present tax returns, paystubs, or employer statements. If the person is self-employed, receipts and expenses may suffice. However, it is not uncommon for a payor to hide or minimize his or her income. There are ways to overcome concealment of income and the attorneys at Knoebel and Vice have the knowledge and experience to assist you.

In the case of joint custody, with an equal timeshare, how child support is calculated can vary from court to court. This is especially true in those cases where one parent has a significantly higher income than the other. This situation is more complex, as it can be difficult to determine a fair amount when both parents care for the child in their homes. While one would expect that all courts would handle this situation similarly, clients are surprised to learn that how child support is credited when there is a time-share varies and the differences can be extreme. The attorneys at Knoebel and Vice are aware of these differences and can advise you before you go to court.

Northern Kentucky Lawyers Get What Children Deserve in Child Support

When a parent fails to pay or does not pay their fair share of child support, the custodial parent is not the only one that suffers. A child that does not receive the financial support he or she deserves can be affected in many ways. As a parent with custody of your child, you can protect him or her from the results of non-payment or underpayment by seeking the services of child support attorney.

What to Do About Overpayment of Child Support

If you are the parent paying child support, you have a right to confirm that your obligation is properly calculated. There are many instances where a reduction in your support obligation, can and should be reviewed. An attorney can review your case, and where necessary represent you in court, seek the necessary documentation, and confirm that you are paying your fair share.

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Do not let your child down by failing to obtain the financial support he or she needs to thrive. Do not be taken advantage of if you believe you are overpaying the amount you should be responsible for in child support. Let an attorney help you seek answers to your questions and allow you the peace of mind that as the payor or the payee you are financially caring for your child in a way that helps him or her grow up to be a confident, happy, and successful adult.
Child Support

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