5 Reasons Why Personal Injury Lawyers Are Hired
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Monday, July 16, 2018

When an individual is injured through no fault of his own, the immediate and lingering results of the injuries can become a life changing experience. Recovering from ones injuries can be complicated when accident survivors, who are already physically and mentally wounded, are forced to undertake legal proceedings to obtain the benefits to which they are entitled from their insurance companies or that of the party at fault. As a result, many people turn to personal injury law firms for assistance. What follows are several reasons for seeking legal assistance when you are injured through no fault of your own.

1. Superior Legal Knowledge

Having years of experience dealing with insurance companies, adjusters and investigators, lawyers who handle personal injury claims have an expert and profound understanding of every factor of the process of resolving claims. An experienced lawyer can make sure that medical bills are paid, lost wages compensated, and benefits for permanent disfigurement or injuries appropriately compensated. With their knowledge they can clients through negotiations, mediation or alternate dispute resolution, the litigation process and even a possible trial.

2. Free Of Stress

Since suffering an injury itself is a terrifying experience and the healing process can take time, the last thing an injured individual needs is to deal with the settlement and litigation process. Freed from phone calls, forms, inquiries and paperwork, an injured individual can focus on recovery while his attorney can deal with the legal paperwork. The sooner you retain a personal injury lawyer, the quicker they can obtain important information, documents, and relieve you from dealing with insurance adjusters and investigators. Without these concerns, the injured individual can relax and work on his recovery. Also, having an expert by your side boosts confidence when moving ahead in the process.

3. Saves from Manipulation

Know Your Claim’s Worth:
How much a person should recover for his or her injuries varies from case to case. Many factors can impact the valuation of a claim. It is not a science, and there are no strict formulas that apply. As a result, an individual without knowledge and experience is likely unable to accurately assess the worth of the injury claim. An individual might try to calculate through online applications, but these applications fail to take into consideration the specific facts of your case.

While such an evaluation, might save “attorney’s fees” may also fail to maximize your damages and the amount you might save may be more than offset by an experienced lawyer’s experience.

4. Pay Only If You Win

Concerns about the attorney’s fee should not be a driving factor in settling a claim. The attorneys at Knoebel and Vice, PLLC will handle your personal injury claim on a contingency fee. This means that the lawyer would only be paid if the client receives a settlement for his injuries. Therefore, these firms make sure that they give their best in these cases benefiting both themselves and their clients. Also, to ensure their win, law firms maintain resourceful contacts across the legal and banking system to further cement their chances of victory.

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